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Need N95 respirator masks? Share some details around what your institution can accept, location and contact information.
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If you have a few extra to spare, let us know where you're at and the condition of the masks.
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Mayday Masks both verifies the identity of the request to ensure each and every mask will get to the hands of a physician who needs it most, then matches local donors to medical institutions to help fascilitate the donation.

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Questions about Mayday Masks? We've got answers
(but will remain at a safe social distance while we fill you in on the details).

At this time, we're matching N95 respirator masks only. If you're unsure what kind of mask you have, see this guide from the CDC.
Yes, but please note the condition of the mask when submitting your donation form. Each hospital and institution has their own requirements, and we want to make sure to get your masks into the hands of doctors who will be able to use them. Please note that we cannot accept used masks.
Unfortunately, we're not able to do so right now—we're looking into what paperwork and business filings we'd need to accept donations and directly pay for shipping. However, that process will take time and we've prioritized getting a network up as a first step and asking donors to cover the cost of shipping.
USPS offers a Click-N-Ship option where you the print postage label at home and schedule a pickup. Aka social distancing supported.
Right now, our primary focus in N95 masks. We are also working to get a network of individuals who can provide faceshields: if your institution could use faceshields as well as masks, please indicate that when submitting your request or by emailing [email protected].
We do not, we are simply matching institutions with individuals who have masks to spare. However, we do ask each donor to describe the state of the masks (unopened, opened but unused, etc.) so if your institution has limitations around what would be accepted, you can indicate that when submitting your requests. We make no guarantees about the conditions or sterility of the masks.
At this point, we're hoping to match every donor within 24 hours.
There are many reasons why individuals might have respirator-quality N95 masks: you might live in California and have an extra stash from wildfire season. Or you might work in an industry where respirator masks are required, but currently going unused. Typically, there are requirements for medical-grade N95 masks, however in the current shortage, institutions are making exceptions and laws are being changed to ensure the safety of our healthcare workers.
We're Christine and Ryan Brown: two Bay-area residents who have been sheltering in place for the past several weeks and watching the world unfold through our screens. Christine's mom has been a CRNA for nearly 4 decades, and is on the frontlines of treating COVID patients. After hearing that she had only a single mask to use (and that she keeps it in a plastic bag between shifts), we knew we had to do something to help.
If you can't donate masks but would like to help, email us at [email protected].